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Our most frequently asked questions

Choice Conferencing saves you time and money, your two most valuable commodities.  Our free service offers a solution to reduce the time you spend organising your conferences, as well as saving you money. We specialise in working with conference and event organisers assisting them with their venue sourcing and rates negotiations. We act as your “no cost PA” while you remain in control the whole time as the decision maker.

Choice Conferencing are supportive, professional, knowledgeable, thorough, honest, understanding, passionate, flexible, dedicated, helpful, trustworthy, courteous and focused. See what some of our clients have to say about us..

Why Choice Conferencing?

How are you paid?

Choice Conferencing are paid by an industry standard commission. This commission is fully absorbed by the chosen venue and we get this in writing up front from each venue to ensure that the commission is never added on to your rates. As we do not ask our clients to contract with us we rely on the return business, so we are super squeaky clean and honest about this.

How do I know I am getting value for money, I can get good rates myself going direct.

We are coordinating and liaising with venues all day every day and might return to a number of the same venues multiple times per year for our clients events, this enables us to use our industry leverage, knowledge and experience to secure the best possible rates, value adds and conditions suitable to your needs.

What is the difference between Choice Conferencing and a Destination/ Tourism Bureau?

Choice Conferencing facilitate the entire process from venue sourcing right up to signing the contract. We are your one point of contact in any destination throughout Australia and the World. 

We personalise and tailor each experience by doing the following:

  1. We take down a comprehensive brief and contact all of the venues on your behalf.
  2. We present all viable options to you in one detailed standard format (easy to compare each venue).
  3. We also present to you a detailed budgetary summary, which is a breakdown of each costing component in your event (easy to compare all costings).
  4. We can facilitate site inspections.
  5. We negotiate on your behalf and always try and get value adds.
  6. We take you through to the contracting stage (ensuring that all negotiated rates and value adds are in the contract).
  7. We also provide a safety net reminder service diarising all your deposit and attrition obligations to assist you in preventing any unnecessary contractual penalties.

What types of conferences do you look after?

We look after a variety of conferences for Associations, Franchises, Education, Not-for-Profit, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Fashion and more.